Estos Abismos (Silas J. Dirge Mix, Single 2020)

by Amáutica

Acostumbrado a estos abismos El estruendo fluye eterno Y un azul ensangrentado por el viento Desandando estos abismos Cae el velo del secreto Y tu voz borra las huellas del tiempo Gloria demasiado personal Apenas creo en lo que siento Gloria demasiado personal Y tu voz borra las huellas del tiempo Y un azul ensangrentado por el viento Y tu voz...


"Blood & Dust" is based on the concept of a Gothic Western. With this we are reminded of bands like Fields of the Nephilim (of which we have a cover by Sonsombre) who use to look like time traveling goth rockers who landed in the American Old West. Since then Western music has influenced Goth Rock, often in very subtle ways, such that sometimes you may only hear a heavy reverb guitar which may harken back to ghost towns and tumbleweeds but with a much darker and inherently more Gothic flavor.

With this compilation we wanted to bring a bit of it together but from a more inherently Goth Rock side including some Industrial influences to create what could be the soundtrack for an as yet unwritten Gothic Western film. One of the things that would set this film apart is that there may be creatures lurking in the dark and actual ghosts in this ghost town!


Created by TG Mondalf: Venus Aeon
[in collaboration with] Azy & Maus: Obscura Undead

CD Concept & Design: Heru-Set Productions
Mastered by Matt Vowles of Black Angel

Silas J. Dirge:


released May 1, 2020

Blood & Dust: A Gothic Western - Full album:


all rights reserved



Amáutica Buenos Aires, Argentina

Amáutica starts as a duo at the end of 2008 in Llavallol city, Buenos Aires, Argentina. Integrated by the drummer Romina Dusk, and the writer, narrator and novelist, Eugenio J. Caceres, El Gurú, in guitar and vocals. In mid 2012 joins the bassist Christian Vega to complete the trio formation untill present. ... more

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